Wednesday, December 3, 2014


That's a wrap for Christmas! ^__^

Oh right.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Some catching up is overdue...

That's right! I still have a blog! How sadly neglected it is, almost a year since my last post. Tsk tsk... good thing this isn't like a child! I'd be hauled off by CPS!

So, what's up? Not a terrible lot. I'm living, working, eating, sleeping, reading, walking, driving, breathing, showering, biking… you know, the usual!

Creatively things have been a little slow. Had a hiccup the past few months but I'm gearing up to get back into it. I'll be covering the highlights a bit later.

In the meantime, here are some random pics!

Such love!

Truly captivating seeing my favorite bird of prey up that close.

The W.I.P. of my "Playing Stallion"

Kitty Thermometer

Glenwood Springs at dusk

This was actually pretty terrifying, facing a childhood fear.

No, this bunny is NOT dead…just napping.

Fluffy feet did not impress this guy's neighbor.

Disapproving rabbit nose

Alaskan Racing Pigs!

Could her pose be any cuter???

Just a few dicks from my handy bag of dicks

Good advice indeed!

Hey look! The new Bay Bridge section!
No officer, I am NOT taking photos while driving.



Paws and shortly after claws!

Sniff sniff

Head bonk

This is true

One of the Yosemite giants

Mom enjoying Yosemite

Aunt enjoying Yosemite

My favorite flower