Friday, March 4, 2016

Words Of Wisdom...That aren't mine.

I've gone off the rails!
By "I've gone off the rails" I mean it's been a rough week or so.
What I mean by "it's been a rough week or so" is that in lacking work stress I have been able to intake and focus on all the other areas of my life that are incredible important and impactful.

I am putting these screenshots out there into the digital stratosphere - or whatever the internet is calling itself these days...I've been mainly unplugged...that's right! I can go DAYS without turning on my computer! - in an effort to share the words of wisdom that have got me through the rough times of the past. I own none of them and can't confirm any of the proclaimed references but... read as they are they can be inspirational.

I thought so.

I hope you enjoy, get a bit of an insight to me and take from them what you will. They are in no particular order and none are meant in any offense.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Sneak

Aka: The Killer Sneak
Aka: Sneaker
Aka: Sneaker Peeker
Aka: Sneaks
Aka: Lil Man
Aka: Tiny Snack…

Discovered roaming the grounds of Maxco December 2014

Those bottom teeth!

Perpetually happy!

The face to face...

Leg bandage due to blood work and shots

I'm cute and I'd love to love you but I'm not sure about you yet.
I'd sure like to get to know you and learn to trust you though!

It's an uneasy alliance and a brief truce.
Hierarchy is visually achieved

He loves sunny…and dirty spots. Siiiiigh...

Friggin' adorable with his new fur cut!

I'm sooooooo tiny!

Chillin' at the neighbors

Wind blown and without a care in the world!

I see a dog. You're gonna pull over…right?
Butts need to be sniffed and stuff needs to be peed on.