Monday, May 20, 2013

Another Big Wow!

I attended Big Wow in San Jose last weekend and sold a few prints as well as made a few sketches for people. I had a few return fans and one return customer. Steven had me draw Uhura for him last year and this year he was focusing on The Next Generation so I got to do Wesley Crusher. I remember when Wil Wheaton was first introduced on the show and when he got to see the bridge Picard was NOT pleased. It amused me so hopefully those who watch it will get it.

I had a couple come by and ask for a sketch of them together. I would have gone more cartoony but I was trying to watch my time. Here is Kristen and Shaun as drawn by me!

Here is the REAL Kristen and Shaun - both MUCH more handsome. :P Thanks for stopping by you two!

Matt's parents stopped by our booth on Saturday. His mom was super sweet and his dad seemed to be into all the cool things so it was easy to see where he got his awesome attitude and "cool guy" status. His mom requested an illustration for her niece, Matt's cousin... I think... he has a lot of family. :P

I also did a li'l artist card for Matt since I never got around to it at WonderCon. But then, I wasn't focusing on drawing while there, sooooo... Yeah. Hopefully y'all aren't offended by pasties. No! Really! Those are what are on her chest.

And no con is complete without some character that makes me completely uncomfortable. Buddy Christ, mostly naked, barely blue "Avatars", sweaty Thor, etc. But I'm always one to leap into the arms of fear so here I am attempting to do just that. Seriously, this guy was nice and the costume amazing but man, Alien scared the pish (yes, PISH) outta me as a kid. Those claws... the hissing... the snappy-out-y tongue thingy... I particularly like the kid in the yellow shirt. He looks glad that the Alien grabbed me instead of him. :)

Did I mention the tongue thing-y???

I also got to check out another A's game on Saturday evening. They had me stressing but in the 6th inning they picked it up and won 2-1 against the Kansas City Royals.

Plus it was Star Trek Night with FIREWORKS! That meant we got to go down onto the field and sit on the super nice - and probably very expensive - grass and watch the sky sparkles. 

The Star Trek scores were quite moving. Sorry, the video from my phone wouldn't process. Anyway, it was a pretty darn good weekend for once.