Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Warm Up Sketch... for bed.

For this session of the comic book club we read Blacksad: A Silent Hell.

The art was stunning as usual but somehow I felt the story lacked something that the stories before it had. There seemed to be less mystery, a less convincing and cohesive story. But still it was a joy to read just because there is nothing out there like it, at least not that I know of just yet. The whole time and feel of the noir in a comic is unique for me but I have discovered that it is really enjoyable if well told, well drawn and there is enough emotion that gets across.

Seeing as how I bought and finished the book on the Friday before the comic book club meeting I did not exactly leave myself too much time to really draw a piece of fan art deserving of comparison to Juano Guarnido's art. Instead, at midnight on Sunday just as I was going to bed (actually I was IN bed) I drew something I'd rather call a warm up sketch since I feel like I have not been drawing much and the need is upon me. I wanted to draw something based on the most striking panel of the book (IMHO) which occurs on the first page. It is of an unknown character in a huge and intimidating ram's skull with a swirling red cape all about "him". Then I felt it was really empty and not as powerful looking as I had originally thought and wanted to add something the the dead space around the character. Sadly, I did not have the energy nor was I warmed up enough to do a background. Instead I lazily threw in some head-shots of the main characters. It felt good to draw, but I was a bit disappointed waking up to the result. Oh well, something is done, something is drawn and one must just keep going. Here's to hoping for more art this week!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

That Was Some Fun!

What a busy weekend! Saturday had me volunteering in Fairyland where I hadn't been since I was knee high. Lots of old childhood memories surfaced. Wish my mom could've been there, it would've been fitting. :) After that I hit up the San Francisco Street Food Festival with my good friend Sherry and her BF, Michael. Once there I promptly lost her and then my phone was a dear heart and died. >_< Oh well, we had fun, we had great food and got lots of sun while navigating the masses. After that I got to enjoy the talents of Miss Emily at Gold Star Bar.

It was also super busy that night but we eventually headed to Mission Comics to catch the last bits of Sina Graces signing.

Sadly I did not bring my books for him to sign but we took lots of fun photos and even got delicious Mexican food after. Also, just in case you were wondering, most of the Image Ladies have LOVELY singing voices and we are apparently planning a Disney-themed karaoke night at some point. :D

Image Crew!

As per usual - with the Image crew around - shenanigans ensued!

Sunday was less exciting - or at least less full, but I did get a small walk in, some bills paid and even bought clothes, which while that may not be exciting for you it is a big thing for me. I never buy clothes mostly due to the fact that I do not like to shop, I have no fashion sense and many times I lack the money or will to spend money on such things. Ok, I'm boring you, I understand. :) I also went bowling with the incredible Todd and lovely Janet. Ok, good night!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Post Stockton Con!

Sunday was a resounding success at Stockton Con! I was honestly not expecting to get much out of it or have to put much into it and I almost didn't go because this weekend was full of stuff, late nights, friends, family, organizing things, getting work done, etc. But I am SO glad I went and did all I could and I look forward to the next one. Mike Millerick (see a brief news interview of Mike and coverage of the convention here) put on a comic convention to raise funds for United Way, and apparently Stockton was where a con was really needed!

All the people I met were so friendly, outgoing, interested, looking for their own avenues of creativity and in general just soaking up the all fun that comes from a con. I met some very talented youngsters, one 13 year-old put me to shame with her sequential art. She showed great promise in her characters, line work, draping, motion, emotion and even colors. I met another guy who had gone to school for art and gaming and was in the process of making his own game in order to learn the process and perhaps break into the industry that way. The BEST way to do it, if I may say so myself! He even made a surprise gift of a drawing he did, right there at on the con floor, of me drawing! Thanks Jacob!

We also met with a guy looking to do more smaller, night life type of events to raise money for an organization called ARTicipation. I donated my Mucha print and hope to get in invite to one of these evening draw-fests in the future!

I'd be interested to know how much got raised and what the plans are for next year! I love the fact that I got to be a part of the very first comic convention in Stockton. Now my booth mates and I just need to get our business cards done. ^_^