Sunday, May 20, 2012

Big Wow 2012 Convention

I would gush about the show but I'm not one much for gushing especially when it requires typing. But I will say this...


That is all. On to my Big Wow 2012 Sketches and pictures...

Mah booth set up. Chan, I have your monies!

Even the security were art critics!

P5 Creative, b**ches!
That can be taken many ways.

A quick sketch I did in a guy's Big Wow signature book which was then colored by award winning Laura _______
(Chan or VK can you help me fill in the blank?

My first sketch of the Big Wow Con was Uhura! Star Trek FTW!
I had never drawn something from Star Trek before. Glad that's changed!

Mario loved my banner so much he asked for a La Muerta sketch and I was happy to oblige!

Shonnie for Leslie! The 3 pieces that were also a blast to do! She wanted one of each of her horses.
See more below!

Mr. Edd, may he ever be bounding in green pastures in horsie heaven.

Emmett, the rescued race horse.
Leslie you are the best for taking care of these horses and asking me to draw them!

Bad Ass Dorothy for @thechadlawless.
His gf is a big Wizard of Oz fan and I loved drawing Toto with the hand (mouth?) grenade!

Last sketch of the weekend was a serial killer character from a game.
Don't know too much about her but I feel that a little of her inspiration came from Vincent in a way. ;)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wishing For "UMPH"

I like this version of the image but I'd like to give credit to icanhazcheezburger
Bring it life. F**KING BRING IT!!!

On another more calm note...


Nope don't have one right now.

Perhaps this?

I may regret this in the morning. Meh.