Monday, October 3, 2011

Ankle Sprain

I couldn't come up with a better title so that was it. Yes, my ankle hurts but no, it is not going to be the main subject of this post. I spent most of the weekend on my feet at Octoberfest pouring beer with One Brick. I swore I wouldn't do that event again but I was a little more laid back this time rather than stressing so it wasn't as bad. It's fun to see just how much beer I pour over the course of a few hours each shift and to help One Brick earn a large chunk of their funding for the year, but overall Octoberfest doesn't hold much for me. The food is pretty simple - and meaty - and I just don't drink THAT much! Anyway, I had a much better time this year and will consider it again when that time rolls around next year.

Stuff I need to get done include a business card re-design, bill paying, re-do 24 Hour Comic Day 2011 comic, a couple of tattoo design which need more discussion, paint some walls, finish a skirt, clean the bathroom, scuttle around and perhaps play with the cat because she seems a bit bored. Perhaps a hamster in a ball is in order. Heh, I'm so mean.

I just watched "Drive" last night a really enjoyed it. I have a new found respect for Ryan Gosling, it may be female driven but whatever. I liked his character and the movie despite its cheesy gore, pregnant pauses, 80's feel and strange mix of humor and seriousness. Check it out, let me know what you think.

Now for some fan art. A new book, The Strange Talent of Luther Strode from Image Comics, has got some cool new art and a story worth following. Check this out as well! The book, not just the art - which is unfinished.

Well, guess that ramble is over. It puttered out quicker than I thought it would.