Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Post Comic-Con 2010

Back from another Comic-Con! I can honestly say that this was THE first time I bought absolutely nothing. But as always I enjoyed the company of my friends and the passion and inspiration all around me. All I want to do is draw, too bad work gets in the way! But we all need to eat.

I met Sean Patrick Flanery from "The Boondock Saints" (EEEEEEE! But I totally kept my cool!), saw Lucy Lawless from a short distance, Colin Ferguson from an even shorter distance and the icing on the cake was meeting Phil LaMarr. I was just a little short on cash to buy a signed photo but I got to tell him what big fan I was and what great work he did and even shook his hand. Thankfully I had just washed them so they didn't feel like a typical grubby con-goer's hands. Not that I EVER do! ^_^

When I got back I came home to a scary sight. My cat's cheek was swollen. After a tiring 2 hour trip home I have to admit that I lost it just a bit. Ok, a lot. But thankfully she is fine and just as feisty as ever when I try to give her her medicine.

So the slowest move in the world is keeping me from using my scanner. I also don't want to admit to laziness. Honestly thought, it's more busy-ness that's keeping me away from drawing and coloring and scanning. That should all change in a few weeks when my contract at EA is up.

Anyway, I just thought I check in with a very minimal number of thoughts. I hope to be back SOON with actual art.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Some of my work ...

So I helped work on one of the comics involved in the following project ...

According to Eben Matthews:

"We have developed a frickin' awesome concept that has been designed from the ground up to set the bar for the emerging medium of Motion Comics!

The quick concept is SAM SPADE meets DAWN OF THE DEAD - A hard boiled classicly noir detective in a world overrun by Zombies!

We're playing with a cool new way to raise the initial production budget - via a site called KickStarter which allows individuals to champion cool creative projects like this and get rewards for their awesome patronage."

I also created a flier for the volunteering group I volunteer with in order to help boost sales for a fun Baseball game meets luau!

I love my wicked Photoshop skills! ^_^