Friday, March 4, 2016

Words Of Wisdom...That aren't mine.

I've gone off the rails!
By "I've gone off the rails" I mean it's been a rough week or so.
What I mean by "it's been a rough week or so" is that in lacking work stress I have been able to intake and focus on all the other areas of my life that are incredible important and impactful.

I am putting these screenshots out there into the digital stratosphere - or whatever the internet is calling itself these days...I've been mainly unplugged...that's right! I can go DAYS without turning on my computer! - in an effort to share the words of wisdom that have got me through the rough times of the past. I own none of them and can't confirm any of the proclaimed references but... read as they are they can be inspirational.

I thought so.

I hope you enjoy, get a bit of an insight to me and take from them what you will. They are in no particular order and none are meant in any offense.

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