Monday, March 11, 2013

My Yearly Trip: Seattle & ECCC 2013

So I was out of town last weekend enjoying Seattle for a few days last week. On Monday I got to hang out with Brittany Matter (who reminded me just how uber fantastic cinnamon and sugar toast really is!) and her B.F. Ross (who had an incident with a fist to his face, believe it or not. Needless to say he took it like a man and as I joked with him he added a few points to his "man card"). Love you guys, thanks for the good times and the couch!

Hi there, li'l Space Needle!
I don't remember the name of the park but
we brought cupcakes there so good times were had.

A view from the 2-3 story water tower that we climbed.
And where we discovered that we were out of shape.
So... many... steps. (faints)

Mt. Ranier... or as I like to say Rain-ier... heh, see what I did there.
Oh, never mind.

Yep, that's Seattle alright.

This was a lovely neighborhood where Brittany's uncle owns a 4-plex!

Of course while in Seattle I attended the Emerald City Comicon, which was a bigger beast this year as you can imagine. But it is awesome in the sense that you can still go up and meet your favorite (and maybe even your not-so-favorite) creators face to face and offer them your sweaty hands in a geeked out handshake. You can also throw down some bucks to have your picture taken with Jean-Luc, um... I mean Patrick Stewart. AND you got a much larger floor space to cover which means MORE creators, MORE art, MORE comics, MORE fun... and let's be honest MORE tired. But always worth it if you work to make the most of it.

As a person on the production side of things at Image Comics I had the added benefit of being able to meet people I usually only email with which - was kind of the highlight of my con-going.

Now for the name dropping!

I met Frank Barbiere of Five Ghosts. We had the pre-con stress of trying to get issue #1 to the printers a day before the show and, WHEW, we pulled it off! He was pleasant to work with and I think we both learned things and that is always a good thing!

I also met Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads of The Activity fame and had them decorate the trade I helped them put together.


Scott Tuft and apparently Scott Snyder were at ECCC 2013, but I missed Scott Snyder because he didn't grace our booth with his presence like Mr. Tuft. :) Of course I played the lazy fan and overly privileged production artist and had the kind Scott Tuft sign my Severed book while he was there. Thanks, Mr. Tuft! :D

The artist of HappyDarick Robertson (or as I like to call him, Derick :P), was there and signing stuff for a modest $1 "donation". I did not pass up that opportunity but I do wish we could have talked a little more at length. Next time!

Pre-con I got to hang out with, eat with and drink with Kurtis Wiebe from Peter Panzerfaust (among many other titles) along with the lovely and talented Sarah DeLaine and the aforementioned Brittany and Ross (pre-punch! Sorry Ross, I can't stop mentioning it. So unbelievable!).

And last but not least, my geek out moment. Not that you other guys aren't geek-out-worthy, you just haven't written erotic comics (that I know of) to make me nervous around you. ;)

Brandon Graham! My favorite book by him so far is King City which, some how, Vincent had to convince me to read. But since it was so big and heavy I decided to bring a smaller book for him to sign - my next favorite, Multiple Warheads. He was polite, quiet (which also made me more nervous), engaged and kindly signed both of my copies. I forgot to have him sign them to me so now I worry that he thought I'm was going to Ebay them... which I'm not cuz he drew the reindeer from our Image Comics holiday card and his cool King City cat! SQEEEEEEEE! WIN!

No, you CAN'T see the cat drawing. MINE! >:-[  Hee hee!

And of course I got a few commissions! Here they are! I didn't adjust their color/saturation/etc in Photoshop so enjoy my camera's terrible exposure.

Wonder Woman in bondage - or rather breaking out of it cuz I had a hard time tying her up.
It just felt wrong and went against my... feminine fabric? Being? Whatever.

The charismatic Richard Starkings was gracious as ever in supporting this artist by asking for a Dalek made of cupcakes... if only it was real. Mmmmm!

The dear Austin requested a drawing of his girlfriend who plays the guitar
(and even gets on stage to do it! So brave!)
in an art nouveau style. Always a challenge!

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