Saturday, January 19, 2013

Image Dump - Truths

Just for the record, I do not own these images, I did not come up with these words... but they do speak some of my truths. :D

Who says I don't have a super power?

Cupcake must ALWAYS be tested.
Sometime 3 or 4 times.

No wonder I have so many problems that no one else seems to notice.


Yeah. I'd go on a date with him. Lookit that cravat!

Mediation, breathing, drawing and reading help...
and the occasional shot of whiskey.

I just need a gun.

I thought I had a reason to make excuses...

More smart assay than anything else.

It's a like/hate relationship. There is no love there.


It was mostly just really witty.
I'd like to think that my eggs should be fertilized... at some point.

ALWAYS a unicorn.

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