Sunday, August 19, 2012

That Was Some Fun!

What a busy weekend! Saturday had me volunteering in Fairyland where I hadn't been since I was knee high. Lots of old childhood memories surfaced. Wish my mom could've been there, it would've been fitting. :) After that I hit up the San Francisco Street Food Festival with my good friend Sherry and her BF, Michael. Once there I promptly lost her and then my phone was a dear heart and died. >_< Oh well, we had fun, we had great food and got lots of sun while navigating the masses. After that I got to enjoy the talents of Miss Emily at Gold Star Bar.

It was also super busy that night but we eventually headed to Mission Comics to catch the last bits of Sina Graces signing.

Sadly I did not bring my books for him to sign but we took lots of fun photos and even got delicious Mexican food after. Also, just in case you were wondering, most of the Image Ladies have LOVELY singing voices and we are apparently planning a Disney-themed karaoke night at some point. :D

Image Crew!

As per usual - with the Image crew around - shenanigans ensued!

Sunday was less exciting - or at least less full, but I did get a small walk in, some bills paid and even bought clothes, which while that may not be exciting for you it is a big thing for me. I never buy clothes mostly due to the fact that I do not like to shop, I have no fashion sense and many times I lack the money or will to spend money on such things. Ok, I'm boring you, I understand. :) I also went bowling with the incredible Todd and lovely Janet. Ok, good night!

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