Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Warm Up Sketch... for bed.

For this session of the comic book club we read Blacksad: A Silent Hell.

The art was stunning as usual but somehow I felt the story lacked something that the stories before it had. There seemed to be less mystery, a less convincing and cohesive story. But still it was a joy to read just because there is nothing out there like it, at least not that I know of just yet. The whole time and feel of the noir in a comic is unique for me but I have discovered that it is really enjoyable if well told, well drawn and there is enough emotion that gets across.

Seeing as how I bought and finished the book on the Friday before the comic book club meeting I did not exactly leave myself too much time to really draw a piece of fan art deserving of comparison to Juano Guarnido's art. Instead, at midnight on Sunday just as I was going to bed (actually I was IN bed) I drew something I'd rather call a warm up sketch since I feel like I have not been drawing much and the need is upon me. I wanted to draw something based on the most striking panel of the book (IMHO) which occurs on the first page. It is of an unknown character in a huge and intimidating ram's skull with a swirling red cape all about "him". Then I felt it was really empty and not as powerful looking as I had originally thought and wanted to add something the the dead space around the character. Sadly, I did not have the energy nor was I warmed up enough to do a background. Instead I lazily threw in some head-shots of the main characters. It felt good to draw, but I was a bit disappointed waking up to the result. Oh well, something is done, something is drawn and one must just keep going. Here's to hoping for more art this week!

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