Thursday, July 19, 2012

More Photos from SDCC 2012

All photos were taken by and belong to Branwyn Bigglestone.

Dinner with Man Of Action peeps... in the uni-sex bathroom.

This took 4 tries! But yes, Todd finally snapped.

Man Of Action's Steven Seagle and Image Comics' Branwyn Bigglestone

L to R: Jen deGuzman, I forget her name!, Jacob Semahn, me, Tyler Shainline, Joe Kelly

Biggletron looking regal!

The talented Messers. Chris Giarrusso and Gregg Schigiel

Savage Dragon creator and Image Comics co-owner Erik Larsen

Me, Fiona Meng's fan and Carlos Salazar

Steven Seagle and Jacob Semahn of Man Of Action

Seagle (MOA) and Drew Gill (Image Comics)

Jeremy Haun, artist of Top Cow ( I owe him thanks... or an apology)

Chew creators, Rob Guillory and John Layman

Not sure who all is in this photo or what is going on... but I like it.

Sarah deLaine and Brittany Matter of Image Comics

Todd Martinez and Fiona Meng... and some others. I wasn't there! I don't know!

Gabriel Bautista (in the flannel and the flesh!)

Gabe and Branwyn

Sleepy me and Chris G.

Chris G. and Todd M.

Drew, Jim Demonakos, me, Chris G.

A lot of people... And Monica Garcia!




MAN L... no wait, Chris G is in this one. HAHA! You know I love ya, Branwyn. :P

Keven Gardner, Jonathan Chan and an EPIC-SIZED PAINTING!

Sassy men!

Cutest darned heroes EVAH!

Posing heroes

Truck nuts in the uni-sex bathroom. We're down with it all!

Actually Danger Club is REALLY AWESOME
and these guys really are stoked about it.
I just thought they looked so out of character here I had to share.

Betcha can't guess where Mr. Chan is!

Branwyn splitting Daft Punk!

Real White Boy Rap

Possibly the BEST super hero ever.

Yep, this pup is ROCKIN' IT!

Aw, me and Shadowline's Jim Valentino!

Image Comic's Branwyn Bigglestone and Skybound's Sina Grace

Lookit all the fancy Image creators! Sina, Curtis, Tim, Ales, Michael,  Jim and ... Ed?

Talking with Chew creators John Layman and Rob Guillory

Who's paying attention to the panel?
I'm paying attention to the panel.
Just kidding, Jen was tweeting the s**t out of the panel!

Eric Stephenson (Image's publisher) Joe Casey... crap. I give up.
But the woman was fascinating to listen to!
I'll be paying attention to her book for sure.
She writes from anger!

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