Thursday, June 7, 2012

I.I.D.T. Questions

There's some explanation behind all this but I'm not in the mood to explain. Not to be morbid - because I'm not... usually... at least this is not meant in that way. NO EXPLAINING!

I.I.D.T. (If I Died Tonight)

Question 1 to self: If I died tonight, what did I accomplish today? (answer can be small things, big things and any number of them)
Question 2 to self: If I died tonight, what do I regret that I didn't accomplish? (answer should be one small feat and one large feat)

June 6th Answer:

A) I accomplished stealing a few moments to draw for myself.
B) I was actually pulled out of the dust a little bit by Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger." Weird. I know.
C) I made at least two people smile today.

A1) I regret not having my own illustrated story started.
A2) I regret not singing out loud.
B) I regret not jumping. Leaving the fear behind and doing the things I hang back from. No, this is too general. I regret not traveling more.

And here is what I sketchied. Yes, I just said sketchied... sketchy-ed? Do you like my faux-instagram? :P It was unintentional.

So I saw this beautiful lady at Big Wow in May and just had to draw her.
She was nice enough to let me take a picture.
 I hope to clean this up and color it later (my attempt this evening was pretty sad).

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