Monday, September 26, 2011

P5 Creative!

Goodness! How could I have NOT posted about this sooner?!?!

drawMechanics has re-formed into P5 Creative! Please check out the new site, new art and all that jazz! Here are some well written blurbs...

[VINCENT]: In case you haven't heard the studio formerly known as draw:MECHANICS has now been revamped, rejiggered, and reborn as the [P5]CREATIVE. Welcome to our new home! It's a little messy as we're still moving. Hope you don't mind.

We'll leave all the gory details of the change to the dusty annals of history. What's most important now is that with death comes new life and, I believe, we have that in spades. We're still the same old cartoonists, designers, and creative beasts we always were, but, with hard lessons learned and renewed energy, we're moving forward to the future.

One thing we're going to try and focus on in our new clothes is more and regular posts to our online home. To that end, some of us have staked our claim to particular days of the week. On that day we'll post. What will we post? It could be anything. What we're working on at the moment, our thoughts on the day, a mini-review of what we're reading or watching at the time (like how the heck did DC actually pull of their universe reboot and make it work?). You never know what you're going to get. So, keep coming back and we'll keep giving you new things to look at and/or ponder. 
The studio title "P5" comes from the tools that we all use in creating: pencils, pixels, paint, pens, and paper. It also refers to the number of the founders of this little group. Double meaning, see? Aren't we clever?

Our hope with the studio and the new blog is to build up our creative strengths as well as our experience together in this industry. We span a wide variety of styles, but have come together out of our mutual respect for each other and our creative visions. Take a look at our blog, share it with your friends and family. We'll be posting regularly the things that we're working on, so please bookmark us and keep coming back. We've got a lot in store for y'all!

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