Tuesday, October 26, 2010

RED and some bird talk

So I saw RED over the weekend and really loved it. I really connected with Helen Mirren's character. The cooking, the baking the occasional contract hit. And who doesn't love a lady who can pull off a white evening gown with combat boots? So here is a quick sketch I did of her. Researching guns for drawing is a bit disturbing and it is the real reason I don't know how to draw guns or do it very often. I fear I'll be put on some government watch list. And if the government is reading this I swear IT'S ONLY FOR DRAWING RESEARCH!!! ^_^

I've also been feeling a bit down lately and lacking in the energy department. Trying to keep busy - and doing a decent job, I think - but there is little drive to get up in the morning and the tantrums my mind throws as my body drags itself out of bed are incredible. Okay, they aren't that bad but suffice to say some days I don't want to get out of my PJs. Um, not like that's today or anything.

Add your squawk here:

Helen Mirren - RED
So, some sketches and then on to ... well, I guess organizing my desk. Perhaps if I get that organized and then dabble in some craftiness I'll feel better.

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