Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Post Comic-Con 2010

Back from another Comic-Con! I can honestly say that this was THE first time I bought absolutely nothing. But as always I enjoyed the company of my friends and the passion and inspiration all around me. All I want to do is draw, too bad work gets in the way! But we all need to eat.

I met Sean Patrick Flanery from "The Boondock Saints" (EEEEEEE! But I totally kept my cool!), saw Lucy Lawless from a short distance, Colin Ferguson from an even shorter distance and the icing on the cake was meeting Phil LaMarr. I was just a little short on cash to buy a signed photo but I got to tell him what big fan I was and what great work he did and even shook his hand. Thankfully I had just washed them so they didn't feel like a typical grubby con-goer's hands. Not that I EVER do! ^_^

When I got back I came home to a scary sight. My cat's cheek was swollen. After a tiring 2 hour trip home I have to admit that I lost it just a bit. Ok, a lot. But thankfully she is fine and just as feisty as ever when I try to give her her medicine.

So the slowest move in the world is keeping me from using my scanner. I also don't want to admit to laziness. Honestly thought, it's more busy-ness that's keeping me away from drawing and coloring and scanning. That should all change in a few weeks when my contract at EA is up.

Anyway, I just thought I check in with a very minimal number of thoughts. I hope to be back SOON with actual art.

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